Military Time Mayhem Understanding the 24-Hour Clock

military time mayhem understanding the 24 hour clock

Quick Navigation There are two types of “time” that we useMastering Military Time…References There are two types of “time” that we use⦁12-hour clock (most commonly used by Americans) ⦁24-hour clock (Military Time) See example of clock below: ⦁red indicates 24-hour clock (military time) ⦁black indicates 12-hour clock (regular time) which most use12-Hour Clock (what we use)24 … Read more

Understanding The Sundial

understanding the sundial

Quick Navigation The Oldest Way To Tell Time!What is a Sundial?History Behind The SundialReferences The Oldest Way To Tell Time!Most of us have seen sundials but never gave them much thought.The most common sundials are often perched on a pedestal of some sort and are found in gardens, common areas, tourist sites, or on one’s … Read more

The Lunar Calendar

the lunar calander

Quick Navigation The Rich History Behind It!What Is A Lunar Calendar?History Behind The Lunar Calendar The Rich History Behind It!The lunar calendar has been in existence dating back to 32,000 BC.It has a mathematical basis and with some intercalucations, you can figure it out.  However, if we look at from a historical viewpoint, it is fascinating.  We … Read more

The Western Gregorian Calendar

the western gregorian calander

Quick Navigation Did you know you use this calendar?Types of CalendarsThe History Behind The Gregorian CalendarReferences Did you know you use this calendar?Did you know that the calendar we use today is the western Gregorian calendar?To the average person, a calendar is a calendar.  The Gregorian calendar is based on tedious precision to ensure dates, times, … Read more

The Chinese Calendar

the chinese calander

Quick Navigation Confusingly Interesting!Who uses the Chinese calendar?Confused yet UnderstoodReferences Confusingly Interesting!​The Chinese calendar is intimidating for those who do not understand it or have never heard of such a thing.Credit: jmurawskiMost Americans are accustomed to the Gregorian (western) calendar which is the standard for the United States. However, there are a lot of Asian-Americans that use … Read more