The 3 Things You Can Learn in Military Command

Being a military officer comes with a great responsibility on your shoulders. It’s not for everyone. All of you who are thinking of filling in the shoes of a military officer and devoting your career to protecting the law have to be aware that it will require lots of sacrifice and perhaps changing your current lifestyle and way of thinking.

Even though being in the military can make you big in the eyes of the community and even win you honors such as challenge coins, working in a military base or being deployed will make you a lot wiser than you used to be.

Looking from a perspective of veteran chiefs with a strong record in the army, there is a lot to be learned during the course of a military career, both on and off duty. Putting your ego aside and putting trust in members of your unit can make a crucial difference.

So, I guess that most of you are now wondering:

What are the key points one can learn?

In this article, I will try to focus your attention on certain things that every member of the military should know. Some of these can prove to be a real life saver advices.

It Requires a Team Member

Military is a team sport. There is no I in the trenches. Going alone will not get you anywhere.

Forget all of the movies about one-man-army tough guys breaking down the terrorist chain all by themselves and then all lived happily ever after. There is no such thing in reality. If you don’t learn how to trust your comrades and make them trust you back, you won’t last long out there.

It’s only when you give your best to the team that the team will give its best back to you. Acknowledgement and reward through medals and challenge coins will come by itself, but it will be the result of the entire team, and not the result of efforts made by individuals.

That said, mastering the art of listening to your comrades can get you a long way.

It’s 24/7 Job

Being in the military is not like being a lawyer, doctor or a teacher. And I’m not saying that these professions are in any way better or worse. Nothing really can compare to being in the military.


Maybe simply for the fact that danger is the word that goes together with deployment. The job of a military professional is not meant to be undertaken from the comfort zone. It will require you to stay on your toes and be prepared for anything even when off duty.

As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as being off duty for an army professional. Your working day never finishes really. Not when you take your uniform off, not when you get home to your children. You should be aware of this fact!


It’s Nothing Personal

Last but not the least, never forget that, after all, being in the military is just a job. Your actions will benefit lots of people but, at the same time, you will impact lots of lives in a bad way also. That’s just the nature of the business.  You will get through a bunch of difficult situations where you will be the target of harsh words or something even bigger and more dangerous.

However, this position should be viewed as something that comes by default. Try to switch your emotions off and always play with a cool head. Try to stay out of unnecessary confrontations and be as efficient as you can.

Do what needs to be done, and don’t get involved in things that are out of scope for the military.